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Leveraging advanced algorithms to power precision medicine, Intellimedix compresses the time needed to treat diseases by uniting molecular profiling with drug repurposing and discovery


Utilizing the most modern advancements in science and technology, we have developed software that uses complex algorithms to identify new treatments for diseases


Intellimedix capitalizes on significant advances in the science of human genomics and computer processing speed to expedite the search for drugs to combat genetic diseases


Intellimedix is dedicated to developing treatments for those suffering from a wide range of diseases in order to improve their quality of life

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Drug Development R&D Services


Creating a database of drugs & their binding protein targets by employing advanced computational algorithms.


Our technology predicts new applications for thousands of FDA-approved drugs based on experimental drug-protein interactions and provides a more complete picture of a given chemical compound and how it interacts with specific genes, including its protein targets, side effects, and toxicity.