Accelerating drug discovery and personalizing medicine

Intellimedix develops and applies innovative approaches to accelerate the discovery and development of new treatments for human diseases. Our current focus is on epilepsy, including Dravet syndrome, and other neurological disorders. Our unique and comprehensive approach allows us to efficiently discover and develop treatments for these diseases and optimize them for each individual.

Personalizing Medicine

Using our next generation sequencing capabilities, predictive analytics, and personalized in vitro and animal models, we tailor treatment protocols to provide an optimal plan for each individual.

Accelerating Drug Discovery

We are making the drug discovery process more efficient and are finding new uses for existing drugs using our combination of in silico, in vitro, and in vivo screening technologies.

Our Capabilities

Using our proprietary technologies, we operate in four different categories: drug discovery, drug repositioning, drug validation, and personalized medicine.

Our Team

We have a world class team made up of experts in the fields of systems biology, genetics, neurological disorders, Dravet syndrome and other types of epilepsy, neurotechnology, neuroscience, and zebrafish technology.